Catering quality

Serving residents high-quality meals enjoys a high status at MÜNCHENSTIFT, and we continuously work to improve our culinary performance. Our success in this area is not only confirmed by the annual audits conducted in retirement and care homes, in which we achieve consistently high ratings.

Meals with a high proportion of fresh produce

In order to live up to our high culinary standards, MÜNCHENSTIFT’s kitchens endeavour to use a high proportion of fresh ingredients. At around 60 per cent, this is a very high proportion for kitchens of the scale found at MÜNCHENSTIFT. 

Some 2,750,000 meals were served in 2019; the cost of the shopping list totalled around €4 million. With this budget, MÜNCHENSTIFT does its utmost to purchase and manage its catering operations with an increasing focus on sustainability.

Personal nutritional advice and courses

MÜNCHENSTIFT approaches the subject on several levels in order to ensure a wholesome diet for its residents. At the request of the residents or nursing and care staff, a nutritionist is invited to hold personal consultations. Care service managers, ambulatory service operations managers and residential managers are all trained in nutritional management.

Training courses ensure and promote oral nutrition in nursing care and are based on the expert standard of the Deutsches Netzwerk für Qualitätsentwicklung in der Pflege (DNQP). Two further courses focus on the ability to identify risks, to assess them faster and to take effective action.

On the initiative of St. Maria Ramersdorf, a quality control circle on nutrition was additionally convened every quarter in order to discuss specific measures. For instance, the topic of high-quality, high-calorie food such as nuts or nut butter in conjunction with dairy products was discussed in order to help residents gain weight.

Courses on cake baking for attendants, assistants and caregivers not only provide basic knowledge on food and preparation, but also show participants how to involve residents in these communal activities.