Dementia care

Individually adjusted to the degree of dementia

Patients with dementia require special care and attention. Our services for dementia patients are therefore wide-ranging and address specific care needs and the gravity of the dementia disease. 

Is domiciliary care still possible and also beneficial? Can an ambulatory care service or day care service effectively ease the burden of family caregivers? Or is full-time care in our care and nursing residences the best solution?

Person-centred nursing

People with dementia are often unable to articulate their needs. We provide person-centered care and assistance:

Our caregivers build strong relationships with the dementia patients in their care, providing them with comfort and a sense of security. Through this approach, we gain an intimate understanding of the needs of those in our care and tailor our care and assistance accordingly.

We use innovative methods, such as kinesthetics, to determine how we can help patients and improve their quality of life.

Our dementia care services

Shared housing arrangements

People with mild dementia find a supportive and beneficial environment in our shared house communities.

Gerontopsychiatric care units

In our gerontopsychiatric care units, we focus our care and assistance on the needs of people with moderate dementia.

Protective care units

Our protective care units provide a secure environment for people with moderate dementia who have a tendency to wander, self-harm or display aggressive behaviour.

Care oasis

Our care oases focus on end-of-life care for people with severe dementia and provide them with comfort and security.