Gerontopsychiatric care units

Our gerontopsychiatric care units offer people with moderate dementia appropriate, intensive care and assistance tailored to their needs. A quiet living environment with small residential groups and a shared central living room with kitchen provide a suitable environment.

Care is provided by a multi-professional team of nursing specialists, social pedagogues and care assistants. An increasing lack of purpose and often a strong compulsion to move is addressed in a tolerant approach that accommodates individual behaviour. Small-scale events, singing, balancing and strength exercises and setting tables at mealtimes are examples of the care approach in these care units.

How do I recognise moderate dementia?

  • Restlessness: searching without purpose and wandering with an increasing inability to concentrate on activities
  • Regressive development: the person forgets how to use a fork and knife, linguistic communication is impaired significantly
  • Increasing disorientation in terms of time, place and memory, such as failing to recognise familiar faces
  • Emotional behaviour: the person displays exuberant happiness one minute and jealousy and aggression the next
  • Items that do not belong to the person are regarded as their property and treated accordingly

If, due to disorientation and restlessness, a loss of orientation and associated tendency to wander occur, or if emotional behaviour bears the risk of self-harm or aggression towards others, the option of a protective care unit must be considered for the person.