Resident representatives

and ombudspersons

Our residents have the right to lead an independent life to the best of their abilities. They are welcome to play an active role in residential matters. The resident representative panel is the main body. Through it, residents can voice their ideas, wishes and suggestions, for instance on catering or leisure activities.


It is the duty of the resident representative panel to advocate the residents’ interests

  • vis-à-vis the residence manager and operator,
  • to mediate between the parties, and
  • to put forward their own proposals.

Resident representatives are also entitled to bring forward motions with the aim of improving services for residents. Resident representatives also help new residents to settle in, for instance

  • by visiting them,
  • talking to them personally,
  • involving them in activities and
  • encouraging the residence management to launch special initiatives.

The resident representative panel and ombudspersons are a participatory body pursuant to the Implementing Ordinance of the Bavarian Care and Quality of Living Act (AVPflegWoqG).