Neurological care

Our Haus an der Effnerstraße offers a separate neurological residential unit that provides tailored assistance for residents who need long-term care after an accident or stroke, or who have Parkinson’s disease or multiple system atrophy.

The residential unit not only offers the advantage of living with people of the same age, but also of care and support that is focused effectively on these disorders and a daily routine that can be adapted to individual needs.

Community and independence

As an important prerequisite for maximum independence, the residential unit is located on the ground floor with easy access to the public cafeteria and the garden on the same level. At the centre of the residential unit is a large open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, in which residents can enjoy the company of others. The adjoining single and double rooms, each with its own bathroom, ensure privacy when residents wish to spend time on their own.

Lifeworld orientation

In the residential unit, the aim is to support the residents’ lifestyle and habits. By focusing on the residents’ biographies, the daily routine is adapted to their realm of experience, with residents getting up and going to bed and taking meals at different times, with group and individual engagement activities, and with support for residents when they participate in social life. In particular, we aim to foster contact to the social environment with accompanied excursions and event attendance.

Care and assistance

Care in the residential unit is oriented towards the special requirements of neurological diseases. A physiotherapy room is centrally located in the residential unit. Symptoms are alleviated and independence supported with pain and occupational therapy, massages, aromatherapy, as well as the offer of consultations and practising relaxation methods.

To best assist our residents, we rely on a multidisciplinary team and cooperate with registered therapists, doctors and local hospitals. Moreover, we attach great importance to the targeted involvement of family members, acquaintances and our volunteers.