Diversity-sensitive care

To be perceived and recognized in our uniqueness is a very important prerequisite for a blessed existence. For MÜNCHENSTIFT this means: All people are welcome in our residences and we treat each other and everyone with respect!

The diversity of our residents and staff is reflected in their social and ethnic background, their gender and sexuality, their culture, nationality and religion, their hobbies, interests and life plans, their families and friends, their age and knowledge, their abilities in disease and health.

Our concept of diversity-sensitive care combines and complements the focus on culturally sensitive care for migrants and people from the LGBTI* community. We understand our care and support as a person-centred care of people, taking into account their biography, their individual needs and their different diversity characteristics.

Diversity-sensitive care

"If a female customer wishes to be washed by women only, we try to implement this in the tour planning - this is particularly important for Muslim and lesbian women."

Andrea Bäther,

Manager, Ambulatory care service Sendling

Our diversity-sensitive services

  • Staff trained in diversity-sensitive care and assistance as well as comprehensive thematic further and advanced training courses.
  • Spiritual meeting and prayer rooms: Catholic and Protestant churches, ecumenical prayer rooms as well as a prayer room for Muslims in Hans-Sieber-Haus.
  • Protected environment for queer seniors in all of our residences as well as living accommodation at Queer Residence Herzog*in.
  • An ambulatory care service certified according to the nationally recognized quality seal Lebensort Vielfalt of the Schwulenberatung Berlin.
  • Interpreters and translators provide support when language barriers need to be overcome.
  • Extensive multilingual TV and magazine offer.
  • Meals from different cultural regions on our meal plan.

Cultural participation

Our varied programme of events with readings, lectures, films, music and dance actively involves people from the most diverse social groups and thus contributes to the cultural participation of our residents.

In this way, all people can get down well and experience a lively community. Because those who belong are happier.

Many years of experience with diversity

Today, diversity-sensitive care is a matter of course at MÜNCHENSTIFT. In professional circles and the public, MÜNCHENSTIFT is now regarded as an expert in diversity. We are happy to pass on our experience and knowledge.

Around 45 percent of all Munich residents have a history of migration. Among the over-65s, the figure is around 29 percent. For MÜNCHENSTIFT's services, this means that we have to actively design culturally sensitive care and assistance and create non-discriminatory spaces. Our employees are a great resource here, as more than half of them are of foreign origin.

Regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation, regardless of whether people want to come out or live in their usual restraint, we create the space for it. The spirit of an open respectful atmosphere towards queer people is part of MÜNCHENSTIFT's identity. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and intersex persons find a home with us in which they can live according to their needs - queer employees a working and living environment in which they feel respected and valued.