Our values

A valuable basis for community

We firmly believe that only a community inspired by values forges a reliable foundation for the value-based care and assistance of the elderly residents who entrust themselves to our care every day. Our values therefore correspond to the principles enshrined in our care and nursing concept.

They also determine how our employees cooperate with each other and underpin the rules by which we conduct our daily work. We are keenly aware of the responsibility that our work entails. Values promote the success of our work - both in terms of the quality and of sustained economic success.

A compass of values for daily work

MÜNCHENSTIFT is a value-driven company. Nine core values provide the framework for our work, our interactions with each other and with the people in our care.

Defining a set of values for our work together is not a difficult task. But how do the values that guide our actions become effective in everyday life?


MÜNCHENSTIFT facilities are living and working environments for residents and staff. It is important for the residents of the care and nursing homes to be able to actively participate in daily life, to eat their favorite meals, to receive visitors or to maintain cherished habits as much as possible. The community and the needs-based daily program are designed to give the guests of our day care facilities a zest for life and the caring relatives happy moments.


And the clients of the ambulatory care service should also be able to look forward to the visit of our employees! After all, the focus is on personal relationships and social interaction, not just on providing care.


We enhance the enjoyment of work through modern working conditions, individual work schedules and a variety of company benefits. All employees can contribute their skills, shape projects and experience the success of their own work. Employee events and joint activities ensure fun and a lively exchange of ideas.


Since its founding in 1996, MÜNCHENSTIFT has been a pioneer in Munich when it comes to modern care concepts and quality standards. To ensure this, we offer a comprehensive training and education program, modern care assistance systems, and a care organization concept that allows caregivers to spend as much time as possible with their residents and less time on nursing documentation or general administrative tasks.


We work on several levels to ensure the healthiest possible diet for our residents. For example, we strive to provide a high proportion of fresh food - often organic - conduct one-on-one consultations with our own nutritionists and train our employees in nutrition management.


Through regular surveys of our residents and their loved ones, we review and adjust our quality standards as needed.


Placing oneself or a loved one in our care requires a great deal of trust. Trust that we will provide the best possible care, that relatives will always be informed about current progressions, and that the wishes and needs of the person in our care will be met to the best of our ability - even if they are no longer able to communicate them independently.


As a non-profit organization and wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Munich, which acts openly, transparently and reliably, we offer a suitable basis for a trusting relationship and cooperation. We are constantly working on this basis of trust.


We show what we can do and say where we want to improve. This includes displaying the inspection reports of the Health Insurance Medical Service (MD) and the municipal Fachstelle für Pflege- und Behinderteneinrichtungen – Qualitätsentwicklung und Aufsicht der Landeshauptstadt München (FQA) in all our facilities and making them available online at any time. In addition, our facilities are open to the public and can be visited during business hours without prior appointment.

All employees have access to our nursing and care concepts, the latest professional standards and our own organizational standards. In addition, employees and caregivers are informed through various channels about current research and development, new standards or legal obligations.


Respecting the uniqueness of each individual is just as important as paying them appropriately for the demanding work they do. That is why we pay according to the collective labor agreement and have our own internal wage agreement for caregivers: the TVöDplus.


Our appreciation is also reflected in other ways. For example, approximately one third of our caregivers currently live in apartments provided or arranged by MÜNCHENSTIFT.


As a non-profit organization, we are aware of our social responsibility to Munich’s urban society. All of our activities are aimed at providing senior citizens with a comprehensive range of care services.


In their daily work, we enable our employees to make independent decisions based on their professional competence and to set priorities in their tasks. And even if something is not in our direct area of responsibility, we support each other at MÜNCHENSTIFT.


To be perceived and recognized in our uniqueness is a very important prerequisite for a blessed existence. For MÜNCHENSTIFT this means: All people are welcome in our residences and we treat each other and everyone with respect!


The diversity of our residents and staff is reflected in their social and ethnic background, their gender and sexuality, their culture, nationality and religion, their hobbies, interests and life plans, their families and friends, their age and knowledge, their abilities in disease and health.


We believe that the future is made of courage. Courage is the foundation for innovation and progress. That is why we encourage our employees to be bold, to develop new ideas, to break new ground, and to try things that no one has ever done before. We have created an environment where people can make mistakes - so that we all can learn from them and continually improve.


That is why we had the courage to radically simplify the established nursing documentation- and were able to convince the Health Insurance Medical Service (MD). We also showed courage when we gave refugees the opportunity to receive state-approved training as nurses, as well as language and integration courses. Or when we consciously designed our care and assistance to be sensitive to diversity. We were criticized for all these courageous decisions at the time, but we still benefit from them today and do not regret a single one of them. Today, we are seen as a role model for many other care providers in Germany.


Nowadays, responsibility also includes avoiding environmental pollution and conserving natural resources. Sustainability has therefore become a fixed value for MÜNCHENSTIFT. In addition to ecological and economic factors, our sustainable organizational development naturally also takes social aspects into account. This is the only way we can ensure continuous improvement of our environmental performance in the long term.


For example, we are continuously improving our environmental management system, promoting environmental awareness among our employees, and are committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and the City of Munich's climate protection goals.