Our values

A valuable basis for community

We firmly believe that only a community inspired by values forges a reliable foundation for the value-based care and assistance of the elderly residents who entrust themselves to our care every day. Our values correspond to the principles enshrined in our care and nursing concept

They also determine how our staff cooperate with each other and underpin the rules by which we conduct our daily work. We are keenly aware of the responsibility that our work places on us. Our values promote the success of our work, both in terms of service quality and of sustained economic success. 

Our compass of values for daily work

MÜNCHENSTIFT is a value-based enterprise. Nine core values form the framework for our work, our dealings with one another and with the elderly people in our care.

Defining a set of values for our work together is not a difficult task, but how do we bring to life the values that guide our actions in daily work?


MÜNCHENSTIFT residences are living and working environments for residents and staff. For residents, being an active part of the community, enjoying their favourite dishes, receiving visitors and preserving their cherished way of life is very important. 


Employees enjoy modern working conditions in which they can apply their skills and actively experience the success of their efforts. The fun factor is by no means neglected either, with after-work parties and the B2Run fun run.


Since its foundation in 1996, MÜNCHENSTIFT has committed itself to pioneering modern care concepts and quality standards in Munich. In line with this ambition, we offer a comprehensive curriculum of training and further education, modern care equipment and an organisation that maximises the time spent on caring for residents.


We display our skills and report on areas where we see room for improvement. This includes posting the audit reports of the Health Insurance Medical Service (MDK) and the Fachstelle für Pflege- und Behinderteneinrichtungen - Qualitätsentwicklung und Aufsicht der Landeshauptstadt München (FQA) in our residences and publishing them online. 

Employees can find information on our various channels. Our residences are open and our work is conducted along clear lines in compliance with our rules.


In our residences, the diversity of Munich’s urban society is reflected by our residents and staff alike, be it with regard to different nationalities, cultures, religions, but also to sexual identity and orientation. We attach importance to our residences being free of discrimination of any kind.


Respect for our fellow beings is just as important as commensurate remuneration for challenging jobs. Our appreciation is displayed in further efforts on our part. Around one third of our care employees, for instance, currently live in accommodation provided for or sourced by MÜNCHENSTIFT.


Being able to rely on one another and deliver what is promised is a prerequisite for values such as quality and trust. As a municipal enterprise, we offer long-term security to residents and staff alike.


As a non-profit subsidiary of the City of Munich, whose operations are open, transparent and reliable, we offer a suitable foundation for mutual trust. We work continuously to strengthen this foundation.


Talking to each other, sharing information, seeking opinions, searching for solutions together - all of this requires a cooperative culture of discourse with rules that enable an open dialogue and allow for change.


Today, responsibility also involves considering our actions with a view to their sustainability and changing things if necessary. At MÜNCHENSTIFT, this includes the use of green power, of regionally grown and, in some cases, certified organic produce, and of electric bikes and cars.