Primary nursing

We aim to extend the best possible care and assistance to the people entrusted to us. This requires time and the structures that provide it. These structures enable personal care, continuity and reliability. 

That is why we organize our care in the Primary Nursing System: A single nurse takes primary responsibility for the care and support of a person in need of care. This system is now used in several MÜNCHENSTIFT residences and is also increasingly being used by other healthcare providers.

The Primary Nursing Team

A primary nursing team usually consists of the Primary Nurse, Associate Nurses and Assistant Nurses. A Residential Unit Manager directs and controls the care unit.

The Primary Nurse is responsible for the overall planning, management and control of the nursing process for the people under her care. She is the central point of contact for communication with her charges and other healthcare providers, and works closely with the the relatives of the person in need of care.

Associate Nurses are nursing professionals who work under the direction of and with the Primary Nurse to implement the care and assiszance of the person in need of care. They provide treatment and monitor health status. Assistant Nurses are nursing assistants who work under the supervision of the Primary Nurse and Associated Nurses and assist them in the care and supervision of the person being cared for.

The overall organization and coordination of the care unit is the responsibility of the Residential Unit Manager. This person works closely with the Primary Nurses and other nursing professionals to ensure that the care and assistance provided to the individuals entrusted to them is effective and of high quality. The Unit Manager is also responsible for hiring and training nursing staff and coordinating administrative cooperation with other health care providers.

Nursing more personally with primary nursing 

"Now we know more about the residents’ circumstances and can engage with them more effectively."

Uwe Fischer

Care assistant, St. Martin

Greater satisfaction all around

"Everyone is happier. Residents appreciate the more personal, intensive care and staff the greater degree of responsibility and the possibility of direct involvement and personal development within the team."

Selda Ikonomou

Residence manager, Haus an der Rümannstraße

Benefits of primary nursing

Primary Nursing offers many benefits for people in need of care as well as for the nursing staff. By working closely with an entrusted person, the nursing professional can develop a deeper understanding of his or her needs and better tailor care and assistance to him or her. Especially in long-term care, it is soothing for those in need of care to always have the same nursing staff members around, as this can build trust and provide reassurance.

Primary Nursing demands a high degree of personal responsibility from the nursing staff. Because they must be professionally trained to make independent decisions and set priorities in care and assistance, nurses at MÜNCHENSTIFT receive specialized training and continuing education.