Environmental protection as corporate goal

MÜNCHENSTIFT and all its employees feel a special commitment to protecting the environment. Our corporate activities are therefore consistently aimed at avoiding environmental pollution and saving resources. As a non-profit organization of the City of Munich, we regard sustainability and environmental protection as unassailable values.

Our sustainable development takes into account not only ecological and economic factors, but also social aspects. This is the only way to ensure the continuous improvement of our environmental performance in the long term.

Our environmental policy

  • Continuous improvement of sustainability performance and ongoing improvements to the environmental management system
  • Promotion of environmental awareness through active participation of our employees and training and further education on climate protection and sustainability
  • Transparent and open communication of environmentally relevant aspects within the company itself, but also with corporate partners and in the neighbourhoods
  • Binding commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and compliance with the climate protection goals of the City of Munich


Our environmental protection measures must comply with the quality and hygiene regulations of senior citizen facilities and nursing homes and also take into account the regulations of European procurement law.

That is why we have chosen to have our facilities certified under the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). EMAS ensures that all environmental aspects, from energy consumption to waste and emissions, are managed in a legally compliant and transparent manner.