Shared housing arrangements

Our shared housing arrangements provide a beneficial environment for people with mild dementia. As part of a community of eight to 10 residents, members live together almost like a family in a shared home. 

During the day’s activities, our nurses and care assistants take into account the needs of each of the individual community members. They activate, guide and support. The residents’ skills can be shared and encouraged in this personal setting with its strong relational focus, while cooking together, for instance. This restores a sense of accomplishment.

Unsettled by their dementia symptoms, our residents benefit in particular from the community’s familiar routines. The well-structured, supportive environment inspires trust and a sense of well-being.

How do I recognise mild dementia?

  • Forgetfulness: memory loss, especially for recent events
  • Habitual activities cause difficulties, for example because objects are misplaced or appointments are missed
  • It is often harder to follow conversations
  • The same questions are repeated and the same stories recounted
  • Increasing forgetfulness frequently results in shame, frustration or fear
  • Admitting to yourself that you are no longer able to complete everyday tasks is difficult

Medical advice should be sought if dementia is suspected. Early detection and therapy can help people with dementia to lead independent lives longer and enjoy more quality of life in the long term