Care and nursing concept

What aspects does our concept cover? We take a clear stance on quality and ethical issues. Our care mission, for instance, is aimed at avoiding measures involving deprivation of liberty. Because we know: We can do without them.

The concept guides our actions at all times and gives us valuable orientation in our day-to-day care work. It is based on the Charter of Rights for People in Need of Long-Term Care and Assistance of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth - and on the values of MÜNCHENSTIFT.

Summary of the key points

  • Self-determination and self-help support: Our care services enable the people entrusted to us to feel that they are in control and able to take decisions. This includes preserving and promoting mobility.
  • Physical and mental integrity, freedom and security: We create an appreciative environment and transparency in order to protect against violence. The use of force is not tolerated under any circumstances. It is named and sanctioned. We avoid measures involving mechanical means or medication to deprive residents of their liberty in line with our strategy of not using deprivation of liberty at all.
  • Privacy: We protect the privacy of our residents in need of care and respect their feelings of modesty. We extend a welcome to everyone, regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation, and offer them a home in which discrimination has no place.
  • Care, assistance and treatment: How is the resident placed in terms of abilities? We shape our care and assistance accordingly. We focus on the individual’s realm of experience and their personal needs. Our primary nursing team or fixed team provides continuous care.
  • Information, counselling and informed consent: We provide comprehensive advice on our services and involve - as far as possible - residents, clients and their representatives in the planning of the individual care process.
Care compass

"When our daily care duties pose difficult challenges, a small team of us sits down and work out solutions case by case."

Daniel Reuter

Deputy director of nursing, St. Maria Ramersdorf