Who we are

Cosmopolitan. Old. Emotional. Diverse. Young. Caring.

We could, of course, just quote facts and figures under the About us heading - but in our view, there is more to MÜNCHENSTIFT than just figures and KPIs. So we decided to write about the heart and soul of MÜNCHENSTIFT instead. And about who we really are

We are by no means an ordinary care and nursing home operator, nor do we intend to become one!

Our values




Heart and soul

We are a team of around 2,000 unique people. Although our trades range from janitors and cooks to caregivers and administration officers, and we work in different places such as Schwabing, Laim and Bogenhausen, we are all

  • Helpers and supporters of independent-minded elderly residents
  • Carers for people with dementia
  • Co-inhabitants and organisers of events in the Munich districts
  • Helpers with an open ear for family caregivers
  • Hand holders and companions at the end of life’s journey
  • Counsellors and shoulders to lean on for novices
Values, quality and respect

"I stand for the fact that our values are lived. Our quality awareness is tangible for the people who live with us. Treating each other with respect is a matter of course and we perceive the diversity in our residences as an enrichment."

Siegfried Benker,

Managing Director of MÜNCHENSTIFT