Who we are

Cosmopolitan. Old. Emotional. Diverse. Young. Caring.

We could, of course, just quote facts and figures under the About us heading - but in our view, there is more to MÜNCHENSTIFT than just figures and KPIs. So we decided to write about the heart and soul of MÜNCHENSTIFT instead. And about who we really are

We are by no means an ordinary care and nursing home operator, nor do we intend to become one!

Our values




Heart and soul

We are a team of around 2,000 unique people. Although our trades range from janitors and cooks to caregivers and administration officers, and we work in different places such as Schwabing, Laim and Bogenhausen, we are all

  • Helpers and supporters of independent-minded elderly residents
  • Carers for people with dementia
  • Co-inhabitants and organisers of events in the Munich districts
  • Helpers with an open ear for family caregivers
  • Hand holders and companions at the end of life’s journey
  • Counsellors and shoulders to lean on for novices
Values, quality and respect

"I stand for the fact that our values are lived. Our quality awareness is tangible for the people who live with us. Treating each other with respect is a matter of course and we perceive the diversity in our residences as an enrichment."

Siegfried Benker,

Managing Director of MÜNCHENSTIFT 

Company Reports

Annual Report

Even though the year 2021, like the year before, was dominated by the Corona pandemic, this year we are able to focus more strongly on the projects that will also lead us into the future beyond this exceptional situation.


One focus of our work was digitization - other focal points were the further implementation of the new care organization system Primary Nursing in accordance with the likewise new documentation system Strukturmodell. A special effect results from the combination of all these developments: The documentation is further simplified by the digital possibilities and the use of mobile devices, so that more time is gained for the residents in the likewise improved care situation with significantly improved reference care.


But we also made progress this year in the areas of sustainability and the construction program, which we are proud to present in detail in this report.

Diversity Reports

MÜNCHENSTIFT is there for everyone in Munich - including LGBTIQ* seniors. For several years, MÜNCHENSTIFT has been on the way to opening up its care and assistance for people from the LGBTIQ* community. Thanks to the personnel costs subsidy for the project management granted by the Social Department of the City of Munich, MÜNCHENSTIFT is able to continue and expand the process of opening up and implement diversity in a sustainable way. 


Of particular importance was the start of a three-year project plan to implement a non-discriminatory supply chain for LGBTIQ* seniors. This report within the framework of the project "Opening up long-term care in Munich for the LGBTIQ* community" refers to the defined milestones for the reporting year 2022 and summarizes the achievements of the entire three-year project period.

Sustainability Reports

As an EMAS organisation, MÜNCHENSTIFT conducts an open dialogue on environmental issues. To this end, we publish an annual EMAS environmental statement for all our facilities that have been certified according to EMAS. In these EMAS  environmental statements, we report on all relevant environmental impacts as well as which environmental goals we have achieved.