Our care services

For enhanced independence and enjoyment of life

Our mission is to positively shape and improve quality of life for elderly people in need of care. We therefore attach great importance to professional quality, which we continuously audit and improve. However, our mission goes further than this. Personal care and attention enjoys a special status in our eyes, nurturing the good relationship between those in need of care and the caregivers. Our care service is therefore organised in small, permanent primary nursing teams.

Our care is
  • personal: we work in small, fixed teams that cultivate a close relationship with residents
  • innovative: in compliance with the state-of-the-art quality standards
  • open: to cultural diversity and different lifestyles
  • sensitive: to the biographies of residents and staff
  • green: plants and animals are part of our therapeutic concept

Values-based care

Ethical values are the basis for our actions: our nursing and care concept helps us to implement them in the concrete care situation. We always keep our vision firmly in mind: 

Because we are Bavaria's most modern and best care provider with the proudest employees, the happiest residents live with us.

Our care concepts

Care and nursing concept

Our service is underpinned by ethical values. Our care and nursing concept illustrates how these values guide us in our daily work.

Primary nursing

We care for residents in small, fixed teams. This enables us to respond more individually to personal needs. Residents enjoy greater attention and closeness.

Diversity-sensitive care

We respond to the needs of all our residents - no matter where they come from, what language they speak or whom they love.

Deprivation of liberty (DoL)

We trust in a variety of alternatives to DoL in order to preserve the dignity and personal freedom of the residents entrusted to our care. 

Palliative Care

We offer our residents a holistic palliative care concept that creates a familiar environment in which to spend their last days.

Green care

Our care and support concept includes plants and animals. The upshot: greater pleasure and animation for all concerned.

More respect, more enjoyment of life

We want you to lead as independent a life as possible with us, keeping cherished habits and in tune with your abilities and personal needs. We therefore cater for people with different backgrounds, religious beliefs and sexual orientation, taking into account their individual biography and identity: our care is culture-sensitive. And we routinely involve nature - plants and animals - in our care. Our green care therapeutic concept emphasises experience with all the senses and a spirit of community in our residences - for more enjoyment of life.

Primary nursing: more attention and personal care

"The people here take a personal interest in me and I get on well with the staff that looks after me."

say our residents in a survey