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Assisting people with Dementia

For people with dementia and their families, coping with everyday life can be challenging. As a volunteer you can help family members with the stress of daily caregiving. Your engagement gives the caregivers the possibility to recharge their batteries. The engagement with each family differs. You might go shopping or engage and spend some time with the person with dementia. Many of our volunteers stay with the families for years, building relationships and friendships.

As a fully trained volunteer, you receive an expense allowance for your engagement and support by our Advice Service through regular meetings and individual case discussions.

Special training is required to volunteer. The 40-hour training course is offered several times a year by various Advice Services in Munich and familiarizes you with the clinical picture of dementia. Through practical exercises and role-playing, you will learn more about interacting with people with dementia and become familiar with a variety of activities.

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