Your help is welcome

Volunteering enjoys a high status in all our residences and we look forward to hearing from people interested in volunteering. It is best to get in touch with the residence that is easiest for you to get to. This will minimise commuting and leave you more time to devote to our residents.

Our residences always welcome volunteers, and in some cases actively seek volunteers for specific assignments. If you have any ideas, suggestions or proposals, please contact us and we can decide together how they may be put into practice.

Please note that you must currently be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to serve as a volunteer.

St. Martin, Giesing

We are looking for volunteers

  • for one-to-one assistance: people who would like to visit a resident once a week or more often for an hour. Our residents look forward to conversations during a walk through the beautiful garden or over a coffee in the cosy cafeteria.
  • who speak Spanish very well, for a resident who would like to talk in Spanish.
  • who speak Greek very well, for a resident who, due to dementia-related changes, only speaks his native language.
  • who are interested in film and culture, for a resident who used to be a film director.
  • as flexible helpers to accompany residents to shopping or doctor's appointments.

Volunteer coordination
Olivia Scharf
+49 89 62020 225

St. Josef, Sendling

We are looking for volunteers

  • who are happy to visit individually selected residents for a chat on the terrace or a walk in the garden. Room visits are also possible again.
  • who would be happy to support us in the day care for an hour on weekdays. The main focus here is on working with people suffering from dementia in a group. You are integrated into the daily routine of the day care team and have a contact person there at all times.

Volunteer coordination
Margit Lämmermann
+49 89 74147 129

Haus an der Rümannstraße, Schwabing

We are looking for volunteers

  • for regular visits to residents: For walks in our beautiful park, for nice conversations and just to spend some quality time together.
  • for occasional accompaniment of our residents outside the care and nursing home: to doctor's appointments, shopping, etc.
  • for visits to non-mobile residents: For bedside visits or an occasional ride in a wheelchair.

Volunteer coordination
Andrea Friedl
+49 89 30796 121

Volunteer coordination
Verena Lüdeke
+49 89 30796 146

Hans-Sieber-Haus, Allach

We are looking for volunteers

  • who help us coordinate at the entrance door on the days of the rapid tests. Testing takes place on Tuesday and Friday from 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. Hours of operation by arrangement.

Volunteer coordination
Christiane Zöbeley
+49 89 14375 132

Alfons-Hoffmann-Haus, Laim

We are looking for volunteers

  • who start a reading group in the living area for people with multiple sclerosis and regularly read life-affirming literature to the residents and then talk about it with the listeners in a spiritual setting.
  • for selected residents who look forward to regular visits and exchanges.

Volunteer coordination
Claudia Beil
+49 89 54647 125

Haus an der Effnerstraße, Bogenhausen

We are looking for volunteers

  • who enjoy going to the theatre and visiting exhibitions or strolling through the city and would like to share these experiences with a very friendly resident who is in a wheelchair. All expenses are covered.
  • who write the biography of a resident together with her.
  • who are very familiar with the history and country of Ukraine and would like to talk about it with a resident.

Volunteer coordination
Claudia Kindl
+49 89 99833 129

Haus an der Tauernstraße, Harlaching

We are looking for volunteers

  • who speak Ukrainian: Keep our refugee Ukrainian residents company, have a coffee together or go for a walk in the garden. Communicating in their mother tongue gives the residents a great deal of security and stability so that they can find their way around their new surroundings more quickly and feel safe. Commitment: at least 1 hour per week - more are welcome.
  • for individual visits and walks with our residents.
  • who support us with the organisation of "Music in the Courtyard" events on site with the beginning of spring.

Volunteer coordination
Stefanie Kelly
+49 89 64255 140

Heilig Geist, Neuhausen

We are looking for volunteers

  • who have time in the afternoons from about 3.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. to support the day care team. Above all, we need support to accompany the day care guests to the exit until they are picked up. Volunteering should ideally always take place on a fixed day of the week.
  • for individual visits and walks with our residents.
  • who speak Croatian or Bosnian to talk to a resident with dementia in her mother tongue and possibly go for a walk.

Volunteer coordination
Yvonne Hrdy
+49 89 17904 126